Kind Words

Recommendations from Linkedin.
  1. Brian was my professor at the University of Connecticut (Stamford campus) for an introduction to web design course. He is one of the few professors I've had who truly went above and beyond for his students. Brian has an incredible passion for the work he does, and is always looking for the next challenge. He was always willing to help, and constantly provided us resources to ensure our success. I have no doubt that Brian will continue to encourage others to follow their aspirations, and do whatever he can to get them there. 

    Maneetpaul ChawlaStudent at the University of Connecticut, Stamford CampusMay 7, 2015
  2. Brian is a fantastic designer and team member. Brian consistently approaches problems from a customer’s perspective and does a great job challenging the team to find the best solution. When we first approach a problem as a team Brian asks key questions like “what does the data show customers doing?”, “what are competitors doing?”, “do we have any user research?”, “what does customer service say?”. These questions challenge us to ensure we understand the problem from many different angles and can consider a broad range of solutions. As we gather the data Brian incorporates this new knowledge into his design and continues iterating on potential solutions. His designs are clean and elegant. There is always a reason behind the placement of every feature and the reason is always backed by the team’s data and research. Additionally, he is also very conscious of the fact that customers interact with us on a variety of devices and screen sizes.

    In addition to his thoughtful approach to design, Brian also contributes to the team by pushing us to think through our work processes. He is a voracious reader and every week has a new article or book to recommend. He has helped improve our communication methods, team collaboration and workflow by constantly exposing us to new ideas and methodologies for working as an agile team.

    Personally I have learned a lot from Brian and have greatly enjoyed working with him. His invigorating personality pushes everyone around him to raise the bar and strive for excellence. When Brian is on your team you know you have someone beside you who is going to give it their all and work with you step by step to produce something great for the customer. 

  3. Brian is a top-notch UI designer and mentor! Brian is very knowledgeable about current best practices, coding techniques and design tools and is continuously seeking to learn more. At Priceline, he’s always looking for ways to improve the internal workflow and modernize the design process. Brian is also great at giving feedback and considering how a design will function within a variety of real-world contexts. Additionally, Brian's development knowledge enables him to bridge the communication gap often found between developers and designers and allows him to rapidly prototype, iterate on and create designs in code. 

    Tanya BrassieAssociate UI/UX Designer at Priceline.comFebruary 24, 2015
  4. Brian is incredibly talented, hard-working, and skilled in interaction design, visual design, and front-end development. He works without need for direction, takes initiative, sees problems and comes up with solutions, and is truly someone who elevates the work of the entire team. For example, he was instrumental in recognizing the need for a company-wide visual style guide to eliminate inconsistencies in the user experience, advocating for the project and implementing it. He has given team-wide knowledge-sharing presentations on SASS and user experience issues, and is an excellent, engaging public speaker. He also has been consistent about recognizing the work of junior designers, and mentoring them so they improve quickly. He is never content with work the way it is, but is always striving to keep learning, raising the bar for himself and everyone he works with. Brian would be an asset to any team. 

    Allison McHenrySenior Software Engineer, Team Lead at Priceline.comFebruary 22, 2015
  5. If you want a healthy debate to get to a solution that will show driven results, Brian is one kick ass designer that will give you that. He cares what the customer is thinking and doing. His passion and innovation make him consider the UX part of design. He doesn't just want to make a color pretty he wants to make people happy. When we shop we want to feel warm and excited about our purchase, he gets that. He is open to change and encourages it with welcome arms. I had the pleasure of working with him for several years and was always impressed. 

  6. Brian is a truly gifted web and mobile professional. He's hard working, knowledgeable and talented. He's able to design and code anything that I've asked him to do over the past few years. One very nice quality about Brian: he always finds a way to collaborate with the project owners yet keep the integrity of his work.

    When Brian was new to the company, we gave him two very high profile assignments (one desktop and one mobile) both had a degree of high learning curve both on the technology side and the creative/content side. He dove right in and handled the projects beautifully. 

    Susan E. SmithSenior Creative Director at Priceline.comMarch 15, 2012
  7. Brian is a hard working and knowledgeable web designer. He is enthusiastic and easy to work with. He is a great resource for innovative ideas and is an excellent problem solver. He would be a great asset to any company. 

  8. Brian created a new logo for my existing business. The process of having someone else design something for me was very difficult for me as I am a creative person and it's hard to hand it over. Brian not only worked with me to get "THE" logo for me but he did it in such a way that I was really comfortable with handing it over to him and he was very patient with me.

    I was extremely pleased with the final outcome but over the last few years I have found myself loving it more and more at every turn. It appears to be so simple but I have found so much wrapped into this simple little logo that I didn't notice at first. Every last bit of it is perfect for me and for my business. 

    Autumn ThomesOwner/Photographer at Autumn Photography LLCJanuary 23, 2012
  9. Brian is a great designer and front developer. He is very self motivated, innovative, and a team player. Brian has a great ability to lead upwards, always being respectful and open minded. I learn as much from Brian as I teach him. He is a pleasure to work with.